Why Joining An Exersthetic Evolution Fitness Challenge Is Right For YOU!

I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you why an Exersthetic Evolution Fitness Challenge is right for you:

1. You're going to learn new skills- With fitness challenges (especially at Exersthetic Evolution) you go through a series of different movements and exercises. Things that will, and can be modified for you especially if this is your first time. As time progresses, you'll find that certain exercises, which you thought there was no way you can do, you can now do. You'll find at least one exercise that you've never done before (regardless of where you're at in your fitness journey) that may work better for you then what you've done previously.

2. You'll be healthier- Think about what you're doing now in terms of health and fitness. Whether you're working out regularly or not at all, you'll be doing more then what you're doing now! The ultimate goal(s) is to be consistent and healthier.

3. You will meet new people (some will become lifelong friends) who will lift you up when you need that push- Almost always when joining a fitness challenge you will meet someone new. Indirectly, these people will help you with accountability; they will help you with getting through that next set, that next rep and they will make the fitness challenge that much more fun!

4. Fitness Challenges are habit forming- Exersthetic Evolution has some challenge competitors who have done each challenge we've offered while still either doing personal training or joining a fitness class at our facility. Why? Because fitness challenges last multiple weeks. This helps you get into a routine. In the beginning you may dread it, but as the days (weeks) progress you've made it a fixture into your schedule, so once it's over, you're ready for the next one.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY- Doing a fitness class allows you to show up for scheduled, organized, workouts consistently with a group of people. There will be times you will be use to seeing the same individuals for each class. If you miss one there is a chance that someone will ask say, "Where were you the other day? We sure did miss you." That sense of accountability will make you feel you're letting someone down (the instructor, the other participants, etc.). When this happens you're more likely to show up and get your workout in.

6. Creating a clear roadmap- Being a part of an Exersthetic Evolution challenge allows that participant to have a clear path for their health and fitness goals by utilizing nutrition and exercise as the centerpiece.

7. You're investing in yourself- Our challenge, starting on March 2nd, 2020, averages $12.50 per session. You're getting an awesome workout with a meal plan. How many times have we burned through that amount of money and reaped zero benefits. I bet your answer is a lot!

8. Who doesn't love prizes?- Exersthetic Evolution has a $1000/4 week challenge coming up. Register online at: www.exerstheticonline.com First place is: $600; second place is: $300, third place is: $100. I think that is awesome motivation!

I've stated reasons why an Exersthetic Evolution Fitness Challenge is right for you. You will have your own reasons on why you should participate in one of our challenges. Regardless of what that reason is, you're not wrong!

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