As a personal trainer I am judged daily. If I'm at a restaurant people assume that I eat perfectly, regardless of where I'm at. If I'm at a gym, I'm always stared at and almost every time someone will try and mimic my workouts because they assume I'm watching them and are making sure they're doing everything correct to form. Even at parties, people assume all I want to talk about is health and fitness.

Look, I love what I do. I've said multiple times training/teaching individuals about health and fitness is my vocation. This is what I'm on earth to do. In saying that, I DON"T CARE!

That's right...I DON'T CARE! I'm not trying to be brash or rude, but it's true! Like all of us, we wear different "hats." When my "fitness" hat is on, it's on. I assess; I critique. I'm making sure things are done correctly with my clients, so they can get the full benefit of their workouts. In saying that, I'm human too! I love to relax. Nothing is better than laying on the couch and watching something on Netflix while eating a bowl of cereal. I love to eat cake, I love Red Robin burgers, pop tarts, ice cream, and anything with a lot of sugar in it. Sometimes I'll walk into a gym, then walk right out, because I just don't feel like getting a workout in that day.

Yes, I have to live a certain lifestyle or else I probably wouldn't be in business. I do exercise and eat right, but not 100% of the time, so why would I ever judge anyone?!? Do what makes you happy. I do. I don't eat, breath, or live health and fitness 24/7. I like to go to a party and have an adult beverage. I love to dance with my wife. Did I mention, I love Red Robin burgers...oh, I did.

In summary, if you see me in or outside of the studio, don't assume I'm judging you, because I'm not. Don't assume that all I want to do is talk about something health and fitness related, because I don't. Don't assume when I'm at a restaurant I'm going to eat chicken and broccoli, because I won't. I'm as normal as you. I just wear a different type of hat.

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