Your Workout Should Match Your Goals!



    My workouts consist of what I think will give me the best/most efficient exercises for my time and goals. It’s about finding movements best suited for your goals and doing research or seeking advice on how to properly execute them. Some of the workouts you see while scrolling on social media from your favorite Instagram model, might not be the best workout for you. I’m not saying don’t try new movements, because you always want to change up your routine, just make sure what you’re doing isn’t wasting your time because it WILL discourage you if you don’t start seeing results. 


      If your goal is to build lean muscle tissue than you need to lift heavier weights with less reps. If your goal is to tone then do the opposite; light to moderate weight with higher reps. So with that being said, if you want to build your glutes, you need to do weighted movements. If you want to tone and shape your glutes then lighter movements with less reps. Don’t expect to build size doing a thousand weightless donkey kicks a day. It just isn’t realistic. 

If you are consistent with a routine that just doesn’t seem to be working, try using some of this advice to help switch it up a bit and hopefully start reaching those goals. 

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