Comfort Zones Are Dream Killers

Our comfort zone serves a purpose - keeps us feeling safe and secure. The issue with that for many of us is that we are pretty guarded with it; meaning we tend not to step outside those “walls." While you hide behind those “walls”, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow! We grow and improve by overcoming challenges, life difficulties and trying new things. You cannot do that in your comfort zone because that is essentially your “safe place”. That’s where you feel secure and stick to your current ways; and this is the sole reason why comfort zones kill dreams. While you think you’re doing yourself a service by staying there, but you’re letting opportunities of change pass you by and stunting progress to your true potential.

The reason I love my job is not for the weights and muscles, but for the impact I can make on people. I push people to their limits, not because it’s just my job, but because I want to help you reach that potential; physically and mentally. Every session or class, my goal is to take you out of that comfort zone and make you better than yesterday. If you want results, then you have to come out of that shell and take a risk. Put yourself out there and take life head on! Make this life an adventure. Fall down, get some battle scars, overcome obstacles, meet new people, rise up, find who YOU are, enjoy life! Remember though, that’s only done by stepping out into the unknown. I say take a chance because YOU’RE WORTH IT.

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