What If You Had To?

Picture this. You are a news reporter for a major news outlet. Your editor has been bugging you all day to get your article in by the deadline of 5pm. They tell you that your job depends on it, and if it's in a minute late then you're fired. Hold that thought.

What if you were registering for a course in college, but the class you needed to take has one seat open. Your potential professor assured you if you can register by 12:10pm on that same day, you will have that class. Hold that thought.

You're the head of payroll at your company. There was a glitch in the system which caused paychecks to be delayed by 1 week. In order for you to rectify the situation, you must stay an extra 3-4 hours after your shift, to insure all paychecks are distributed in a timely manner. Hold that thought.

I would assume, after reading these 3 scenarios, that you would do whatever it took to accomplish said goal(s). You would get that article in no later than 5pm; you would register for your class by 12:10pm, so you would have a seat, and you would stay for those extra 3-4 hours, to make sure you and your co-workers get paid.

What if we had the same mindset/approach when it came to our health and fitness? What if we had that same sense of urgency? The "By Any Means Necessary" approach. Where would you be in your health and fitness journey, then? The problem is that we put our own health needs on the back-burner, and we only make it a priority when we don't feel well; you feel pain all over, or when you get that phone call from your physician.

Health and fitness is extremely important. True, we can only do what we can control. Some of it we cannot control when it comes to illness and sickness, but we can do a lot to help curb, control, and even alleviate aliments. We could consistently eat better. We can exercise regularly; we could drink more water, and we could work on our sleeping habits.

Each one of these can and will help you physically as long as you are consistent and make it a priority. Learn to approach health and fitness like your life depends on it.

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