Getting Back On Track After A Vacation

It's probably one of the hardest things to do. Let me rephrase, it CAN be one of the hardest things to do when you don't set a plan. Vacation is a time of rest and relaxation; enjoying time with family and friends, and just trying to shutdown for a time period until you get back to reality! I love vacation. Although it's hard for me to completely shutdown, sitting pool side with an adult beverage in my hand with a little "Earth, Wind & Fire" playing in the background is my type of relaxation.

Eventually we need to get back to the real world. Specifically back to eating right and exercising. Let's keep it real, those of us who go on vacation and are already on a consistent health/fitness program usually have the intentions of eating as clean as possible and getting to the gym at least half the time while away. Does this happen? Maybe, but not normally. You drive by some cool unique restaurants or bars and knowing the food is probably terrible for you, you justify it by saying, "I'm on vacation, and they don't have this where I live; plus I deserve this!" Sure you do, but how do you break out of the sedentary mode and get back to your goals? Here are 6 ways to getting back on your fitness track after vacation.

1. Schedule a workout/gym date and don't stand yourself up! You're scheduled to go back to work eventually. You can't miss it or there are repercussions. Assume the same if you miss your workout/gym date. Schedule a specific day/time to start back up after vacation, and don't miss it!

2. Don't beat yourself up. You don't need to go to the gym and do a 2-3 hour session. This will not help you. Abusing yourself with negative thoughts of "woulda, coulda, shoulda" while on vacation can lead to negative thoughts and even emotional eating.

3. Don't weight yourself! My clients know how I feel about this. If you feel bloated or sluggish, you already know it. All the scale will do is get you more frustrated.

4. Increase water consumption and avoid alcohol. If you do drink, take a break from it and increase water intake. This will help jump start that metabolism after a few days of eating unhealthy and drinking.

5. Eat real, whole unprocessed foods. Get back on your healthy meal plan the day after you get back from a vacation and stick with it.

6. Accept that your body won't bounce back after one workout. Getting back on track takes time. Knowing this will avoid any negative thinking and keep you pushing through, consistently.

I don't need to remind you, but vacation is a time for rest and relaxation; take it! Eventually, we do need to get back to reality. To get back into your health/fitness rhythm use some of these points, and take it one day at a time.

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