The 6 WORST Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

A bathing suit you're trying to fit in for vacation; reducing joint pain; getting ready for an event; become more healthy; your doctor told you too; to feel/look better, or to win a contest.

These are some of the many reasons people want to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of us try to go for the "quick fix" instead of a more healthy way. We have become impatient!

What's my point? There are right an wrong ways to lose weight. The right ways will usually lead to maintaining the weight you loss and keeping it off. The wrong way almost always leads to the weight creeping back on you, and even gaining more!

Here are some of the WORST ways to lose 10 pounds:

1. Obsessing Over The Scale- The scale should be used as a tool, not a weapon. Obsessing over the scale could mentally lead to finding "quicker" non-healthy ways to lose weight which can be counterproductive.

2. Skipping Meals/Eating too little- When you skip meals, you're robbing your body from essential nutrients which help promote a healthy lifestyle, so when you end up eating 1 or 2 times per day you often eat more, in one sitting, than you realize which can promote weight gain and not weight loss. The body goes into "survival mode." This is when instead of burning those calories and using the food as fuel, it hold on to it, because your body doesn't know when you will feed it again.

3. Don't Use Guilt As A Motivator- When you feel like you're doing things wrong, you're likely to give up completely. Support, and positive thoughts are what help you lose weight.

4. Relying On Fad Diets and/or Quick Fixes- Quick fixes won't bring sustainable success. Drinking 5 shakes in a week or going on an all liquid diet, so you can fit into a bathing suit is ridiculous. Your body will eventually "fight you" and can cause weight gain, illness, and even hospitalization for a slew of other issues. Cutting out whole food groups such as carbohydrates is a huge mistake. Your brain/body needs carbs. Withholding carbohydrates can cause the body to use muscle as fuel and use that for energy if the right nutrients and macros aren't being eaten.

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals- There have been studies that show weight loss increases when short term goals are set, not long term goals. For instance, instead of saying I want to lose 100lbs in one year; start by saying, "I want to lose 1-3lbs in a week.

6. Using Laxatives To Lose Weight- Doing this can cause issues with your heart, digestive system, teeth, and gums. Don't do it!

The picture above is of one of my clients, Alexa. The before and after pics are a 70lb difference which took her 1 year to achieve. It didn't happen fast; it didn't happen overnight. It happen by eating the rights foods and exercising consistently. There are right and wrong ways to do anything. Here, I gave you the worst ways to lose any weight. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, it's exactly that, "A lifestyle." It's a slow process that takes a long time to achieve if done correctly. Quick fixes and fads will give you short term success, but will almost always lead you back to where you started.

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