Don't Over Cardio It

I already know a lot of people will look at this title and not want to read this blog. Some, not all, love their treadmill and elliptical. They even swear by it. I want to be clear on this, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many forms of cardio exercises we can implement into our fitness program. Just don't over do it!

When we do too much cardio your body goes into a catabolic state. defines catabolic state as: your body breaking down tissue. Whenever you workout, whether it’s cardio or weightlifting, you’re causing tiny tears in your muscle. The longer and harder you workout, the more damage you’ll cause to your muscle tissue. The damage this definition is referring too can lead to loss of muscle and a reduction in strength. This can also lead to a slower metabolism. We all know when your metabolism slows down, burning fat is incredibly hard. Now, we want the muscles to rip; that is the soreness you feel, but when you overdo it and not give enough time for it to heal this could cause a negative affect.

Doing an abundance of cardio can also cause cortisol levels to rise. This rise can cause your immune system to decline. A lot of people think that if they eat less, and do major sessions of cardio (over an hour each day) your body should start burning fat and you should lose weight. I've said this in previous blogs, you cannot out smart the human body. Your body will go into survival mode because you have a protein and caloric deficit, and along with the abundance of cardio, your body will not change and the scale will stay the same. You need to eat enough and slow down on the cardio, or everything you've worked for could cause a stagnate or adverse effect.

Long story short, do some type of resistance training whether it be lifting weights, using bands, etc. eat and eat enough consistently. Implementing cardio is also good, but don't over do it for the reasons I stated earlier. As they say, to much of anything can be bad for you.

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