17 Myths About Personal Training And Personal Trainers That Simply Aren't True

I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years; it is simply the best job I've ever had. I'm surrounded by fitness all day, and I help others achieve their goals. In saying that, within those 20 years I've heard just about everything in reference to personal training (good and bad). Some things have been true, while most have been outlandish (As I write this I'm laughing out loud at some that have come to mind). Here are a few myths about personal training and personal trainers that I'd like to share:

1. Personal trainers are only personal trainers because they love to workout.

I would love to believe this. I mean I am a personal trainer, and I do enjoy working out, but that's not the real reason. Sometimes I don't feel like working out. I enjoy helping others hit their fitness goals. I get a sense of accomplishment when someone has followed the program that I've created and they were able achieve multiple goals.

2. Personal trainers will work you until you vomit.

Too many people believe this. As a personal trainer, this is not our intention. We create programs that are suitable for YOUR needs. In saying that, there are some people who are extremely out of shape that this (getting sick) is a by-product during their first few sessions. It does get easier as you continue.

3. Personal trainers know nothing about nutrition.

I would never say that every personal trainer is versed in nutrition and in implementing a nutrition program for their clients, but most are. We know that this whole health and fitness thing is 85% diet. Our clients would not be able to achieve their goals without a good meal plan. Whether it be created by a trainer or by a registered dietitian. I do create all meal plans for our clients.

4. Trainers only eat chicken breast, vegetables, and protein shakes

Do we eat these things? Yes, and we should. I mean, why tell our clients to eat it if we're not practicing what we're preaching to them. We are human though. We eat burgers, pizza, fries, have an adult beverage, etc. We just make sure that the good out weighs the bad. We make sure that those "bad" items are used more as treats or rewards rather then our normal eating habits.

5. All trainers have six packs

OK, I do have a six pack, but not all trainers do. Most trainers, I believe should look the part though.

6. The workout is the most important part

Not true. As I stated earlier, diet is 85% of this whole health and fitness thing.

7. Working with a trainer will give you immediate results

LOL...you still have to do the work. If you choose not too then you will see absolutely nothing. If you choose to then you should see slow improvements.

8. Trainers make you push through extreme pain

There is a difference between pain and discomfort. Pain or "acute" pain as I call it is a no-no. A good trainer will readjust the clients workout, so they are still working, but not affecting or causing any injuries.

9. Anyone can be a personal trainer

Sure, anyone can go online, get a "fitness" certification and call themselves a trainer. Not know anything at all and end up hurting someone. Not everyone can be a trainer, just like not everyone can be a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, electrician, or an artist. (Side Note: I would never hire a trainer who got their certification from an online website).

10. Personal training is only for those who don't know what they're doing

I've trained my fair share of professional athletes, bodybuilding/fitness competitors, and those who've been working out for as long as I've been alive. All of these people I've named know how to workout, heck they could teach someone how to train. The reason they hire trainers is to have a professional hold them accountable, and to push them to another level.

11. My trainer will help me look like (insert fitness model name here) him/her in this fitness magazine.

That is not realistic. We as personal trainers will give you the tools to accomplish your goals. Our job is to make you healthier, more fit, and to feel great about yourselves. I like my clients to think S.M.A.R.T. (SMART MEASURABLE ATTAINABLE RELEVANT TIMELY ) when setting goals.

12. Personal training is expensive. Only the rich and famous have trainers

Simply not true. I've trained people from every walks of life. The only difference is these people who hire trainers choose to invest in their lives.

13. Personal trainers are not highly educated

LOL...this one makes me laugh. I have an associates degree, 2 bachelor degrees, and a personal training certification from an an accredited and reputable company. Enough said.

14. Trainers NEVER get injured

Of course we do. We're human.

15. Lifting weights make you bulky

Lifting weight builds muscle. Muscle is a lean tissue. You become leaner when you lift weights.

16. All trainers believe in the quote, "No Pain, No Gain"

There is discomfort when performing resistance exercises. When that discomfort is associated with pain then that's a bad thing. Your trainer should have you stop and do some assessment as well as re-adjustment if necessary.

17. Crunches kill belly fat

Not true. Dieting kills belly fat.

These are just a few myths that I wanted to address. Are there more? Absolutely, but at least this will help others have a better understanding about our world!

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