Effort Is Better Than Perfection Any Day Of The Week

I guess the title of this blog can be a little deceptive. I mean, who wouldn't want to be perfect? Dictionary.com defines "Perfect" as: "Entirely without flaws, defects, or shortcomings." It also says: "Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement." That's some heavy stuff! Imagine being perfect in something. Better yet, imagine never having to work at getting better at something, but simply able to achieve anything perfectly, without even trying. Like most of us, I've never been perfect in anything. I have worked hard all my life (most of the time starting from the bottom) in order to accomplish anything, but I enjoyed it. I loved the journey of getting better at something. Slowly and consistently. Effort is better than perfection.

There was an unbelievable college athlete by the name of Brian Bosworth. Brian was a natural born football player. He was blessed with size and speed, he could compete with anyone. He played at the University of Oklahoma and immediately succeeded. He didn't have to work hard to prove he was a man-child on the field. He was a 2-time Butkus award winner (top linebacker in D-1 college football) and he was a 2-time 1st team All-American. He was awesome! It soon came out that Brian Bosworth was on steroids. He was trying to achieve perfection without putting in raw effort. He didn't care about the journey, he wanted the now! He did get drafted to the NFL, but only lasted 2 years. There were guys who worked harder and knew they had to put in the effort in order to succeed. Effort is better than perfection.

I'm not a University of Michigan fan by no means, but the story of Tom Brady comes to mind when we talk about effort. Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick. He was slow, had "OK" arm strength, and wasn't considered an ideal quarterback by most NFL coaches, but he always put in the effort. He felt it was a privilege to get drafted into the NFL, a privilege that he wasn't going to take for granted. Fast forward 17 years later, Brady has 5 Super Bowl Rings, 13 Pro Bowls, and 3 MVP's. He was once interviewed and asked, "Tom, why do you work and study so hard?" Tom Brady responded to the interviewer and said,"Because I was a 6th round draft pick."

Effort is better than perfection any day of the week. Motivational speaker, Denis Waitley said, "The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply. Don't feel that things are suppose to happen quickly or else you've failed. Enjoy the process! Work hard; work really and hard keep pushing no matter what!

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