Not Motivated To Workout? Here Are Ways To Never Quit!

Let's keep it real, we get lazy sometimes. Whether it's working on a project at home; reading that novel; starting that book report, or even staying on a consistent workout program we sometimes put it on the "back burner" or in the "non-priority" list. I'm going to give you a list of ways to help you stay motivated with your workouts. Now, you can adjust this list to make it work for anything you do, or anything you deem as a "non-priority," but need to make a priority:

1. Ask yourself, "Will you regret skipping this workout." I always say, "It's tough to get to the gym at times, but once you're finished you never regret it." If you skip a workout do you think you'll feel guilty? Do you think that all you've accomplished will be lost? That's the type of mindset you should have.

2. Remember why you started. This goes back to one of my earlier blogs, "Find Your Why." Check it out.

3. Try group fitness. Working out with others may help keep and maintain your mojo. You could even gain a friend in the process.

4. Give yourself micro-challenges. Whether it's a short-term physical goal, a short-term fitness goal continue to give yourself these (make sure they're attinable). These goals will help you chip away on the long-term goal you set.

5. Make sure you have a great cheer team. Some people will hate and discourage you. Why surround yourself with those types of unhappy people. Make sure whomever you have on your sideline is there to motivate you and help you get to the next level.

6. Find a pump up coach who doesn't know you! I listen to Gary Vaynerchuk and Eric Thomas every single morning. They are that extra additive I need in order to stay focus and on point with my goals.

These are obviously just a few, but maybe one of them will help you along your health and fitness journey. As I've stated time and time again, it's about investing in yourself, so if there is any tool you or I can use along the way to make that investment a success...use it!