Going To Have Some St. Patrick's Day Fun? Here are 5 Things You Must Do So You Don't Ruin Yo

Come on, I know what you're thinking. You're looking at the clock at home or at work; watching it slowly get closer to your "quittin time." You've been waiting for this weekend for so long. A weekend where you can hang out with friends and family. A weekend where you can eat and drink and just have a good time...but wait! You've forgotten, you have been busting your ass at the gym since January, maybe even earlier. You have been eating your 5 small meals each day; you've been getting all your water in, and you've been exercising as if you're trying to replace The Rock in the next Fast & Furious movie. You have worked too damn hard to lose all that you've gained. What do you do? What if I told you that you can still have fun, and maintain your fitness gains by adhering to these 5 things that you must do before you go out!

1. Stay hydrated! We all know that alcohol is a diuretic, so it's important to drink water before, during, and after you drink alcohol. This will keep you hydrated. Also, coconut water is good because of the electrolyte content as well as the potassium. This will help you stay hydrated longer. NO Gatorade. Gatorade contains upwards to 21 grams of sugar!

2. Eat eggs! Aside from the protein content in eggs which will help maintain and build lean muscle, eggs also have the amino acid, cysteine which helps your liver break down acetaldehyde which is an enzyme found in alcohol. Acetaldehyde can cause headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, and facial flushing.

3. Eat before you go out. If you're going out at night make sure you get all your meals in. Those macro-nutrients of proteins, carbs, and clean fats are essential because you want to maintain your body composition and not starve any lean muscle tissue that you've worked so hard to build. If you're making it an "all day" party make sure you get all your meals in the day before, as well as eat through out the day of the party.

4. Make sure you schedule you next workout ahead of time. Studies have shown that if you schedule a workout after an event (the next day) even if you schedule it a few weeks prior, you'll be more susceptible of keeping that appointment. If you had an important business meeting the next day, flying out, starting a new job; you would be sure not to miss it. Make your workout appointment just as much as a priority also.

5. Get some good sleep! Try to sleep well the night before you go out. The day of, try to get a 20-30 minute nap in. This will allow your muscles to rebuild as well as give you more energy for later on.

I'm not advocating partying, but I'm not stupid. People are going to do it anyway, so why not give you some good advice, so you don't have to alter your health and fitness goals!

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