You're on the health and fitness path, but want an adult beverage? Drink this...

I get this question time and time again. Picture it now, you're on a first date enjoying a nice dinner. You've been consistent with your workouts and you've been on point for weeks with your meal plan. Your dinner consists of a nice thick steak, some sauteed veggies and a potato. You feel, for the first time in your life, that you're on the right path with your health and fitness goals. You and your significant other want to enjoy a nice after dinner drink. As you look at the drink menu, you don't know what to get! The old you would have gotten the sweetest, highest calorie drink on the menu, but that was before. You want to get something that you can enjoy, but at the same time won't hurt, but may even help you on your fitness journey. What do you get? The answer is red wine!

Why is red wine on my short list of go to drinks, especially when you're maintaining health, fitness, and clean eating as a lifestyle? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Prevents heart disease. Hearth disease runs in my family. Drinking moderate consumption's of red wine can prevent atherosclerosis which are fatty deposits that form on the walls of blood vessels which can cause blood clots, and as an end result could cause a heart attack.

2. Wine can lower cholesterol. Antioxidants that are in red wine can lower the "bad" cholesterol or the LDL cholesterol and raise the "good" cholesterol or the HDL cholesterol.

3. Can help you stay more lean. The amount of energy it takes your body to create the enzymes needed to digest a glass of wine can equate to the amount of calories in one glass of wine.

4. Can prevent cancer. Studies have shown that the resveratrol found in red wine acts an an antioxidant towards some cancers such as colon, ovarian, and prostate.

5. Helps with digestion. Red wine can help create good bacteria in your gut to aid in digestion which can help you become healthier.

6. Can help lower blood sugar. A 10-year Harvard study showed that red wine reduced insulin resistenace in diabetic patients. The study also showed that premenopausal women who drink one or two glasses of wine per day are 40 percent less likely then women who don't drink to develop type 2 diabetes.

These are just 6 of the health benefits of red wine. Now, just like anything else it's portions that matter. Don't drink 5 bottles of red wine in one night then think that you can try out for a Marvel comic superhero role. On second thought you might think you can because of that "liquid courage." My point is one or two glasses will help you reap the benefits of red wine. Please also remember to drink responsibly.

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