Winning IS Everything! Goals Are Just Words Until You Put Them Into Action!

Winning IS Everything! Now, before you start screaming at me or say, "No, trying is all that matters!" Please just read on. Yes, I made a broad statement, but it's true. When we (you and I) set a goal, or even before that; when a potential goal is a concept to you, how do you go about creating and executing it? These goals could be that of: losing weight; building muscle; getting that promotion that you feel you deserve; being the best husband/wife, or parent that you can be. When your goals are in the beginning stage; meaning you're just brainstorming, and trying to figure out what you want to achieve, what makes you even think of it? Something triggered your potential goals into that brain of yours to make you feel or say, "This is what I want to achieve this week; this month, or even this year!" We all have our reasoning. Next question, what is the point of setting a goal if you don't plan on achieving it or winning? Is it just words to you? Is it just something to say, so you can post it on your social media in order to get 100 likes? I'll say this time and time again, GOALS ARE JUST WORDS UNTIL YOU PUT THEM INTO ACTION! There is absolutely NO reason to set a goal unless you plan on winning or achieving it, so winning is everything!

Here's the problem, we as people, are becoming lazy. Yes, I said it. As a matter of fact, I'll say that statement again; "We as a people are becoming lazy. Kind of like individuals with New Year Resolutions. Someone may have a health/fitness goal they have in mind, and on January 1st they plan on working to achieve it or win. The problem is results do not come fast enough; life happens they get bored, and quit. Then the excuses start, "My kids have soccer practice and that's usually during my workout time, so I can't workout anymore," or, "It's too cold outside, I have to wait until it gets warmer, because I get sick when the temperature drops below 50 degrees." There are a million excuses. These people are not winning! They are losing. Goals are important in life. Setting goals keep you moving forward; keeps you motivated; keeps you accountable, and keeps you on the path to win! When I started this journey of owning my own personal training studio it was a concept, a thought, a conversation between my wife and I while at the dinner table. That conversation turned into me traveling and training all over metro Detroit (Rochester, Detroit, Monroe, Ann Arbor, Southfield, Taylor, etc.) just to get my name out there. Getting up at 2am scraping snow off my car just to meet a client by 4am in Rochester. I wanted to win badly. I saved every penny to buy equipment and a place to train people. I didn't want investors or banks, so it took me 1.5 years to get my own personal training studio and buy my equipment. I was focused on the phrase "Winning is Everything!"

After achieving a few goals; my goals just got bigger. I wanted to start fitness classes, I wanted to hire more trainers, I needed more equipment, so I started making small obtainable goals. Those achievements or wins helped push me to the next goal, and the next goal, and the next goal. People, we need to experience the wins in order to keep moving forward...WINNING IS EVERYTHING! In 3 years our small personal training studio now have 4 personal trainers who train 80 clients per week, and we have 3 fitness group instructors who teach 44 classes a month, with an average of 100 participants per week. Although these are great wins I decided to continue pushing and growing. I'm addicted to winning folks! We are now working on our second location in Detroit!

Everyone, the takeaway from this blog is to set a goal(s). Make the goals obtainable, challenging and specific, so you can experience winning! Have the mindset that you need to achieve this goal or else. Without experiencing these wins you will not grow, you will not be motivated, and you will quit! A terrible trifecta! WINNING IS EVERYTHING!

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