My Fitness Journey-Karen Poljanac

Being 26 years old and having 2 children (within 19 months) I had unwanted (clear throat) baby-fat and was interested in the new Richard Simmon’s Anatomy Asylum that had opened in Southgate. There was baby-sitting available and they took children 6 months and up. This was awesome! There was aerobic classes, which I knew nothing about, so I started in the OWA class (OverWeighters Aiders). Can you believe the name of that class?!? I was never athletic in high school, I was part of the group of students that enjoyed having fun, so doing this was a big step in itself. I asked my husband if I could join. He rolled his eyes and agreed that after a few classes, I would be done with the entire thin

Never Stop Starting

The easiest thing to do is quit. "Well, at least I tried," sometimes becomes the definitive answer that we live by from time to time. Why does it have to be "definitive?" Why does not accomplishing something, or failing at something, at that time, have to be the end? Let's keep it real, we do this occasionally when trying to execute a task, or goal. We get frustrated, upset, then quit. Then we "figuratively" kick that goal under the bed and never look at it again. Businessman W. Clemente Stone said, "Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying." We know this, but sometimes we need to hear it (or in this case, read it). It's OK to fail at something, but it is important

Your Goals Don't Care How You Feel!

I can already feel the eyes roll as you read the title of this blog. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Pete, sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything, today. Let alone, work towards any of my goals!" You might say, "I'm tired," or, "I just can't right now, I'm extremely busy." We've all been that way, and that's ok. Just know that your goals don't care how you feel! Let's start here. I tell my clients constantly to set specific, realistic, obtainable goals. Why, because you'll give a shit! During a consultation with me it should mean more to you if you say, "I need to get in shape because I have a wedding coming up and I want to fit that dress in 3 months;" and not just say, "I want to lose weig

How To Become Physically And Mentally Stronger in 2020!

2020 is here! Your new goals were written down during the final months of 2019. You prepared yourself by buying that brand new planner; workout equipment, or gym membership. Heck, you even gave yourself that pep talk saying, "This is it! This is the year! Nothing is going to hold me back or bring me down. LET'S DO THIS!" Well, what if something unexpectedly tries to hold you back or bring you down? What do you do then? Research conducted by The University of Scranton said only about 8% of people achieve their new year goals. It's been also noted that 55% of "new year" goals were fitness related such as exercising more, eating healthier, and getting out of financial debt, according to the sc

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