Sorry To Disappoint, But Macros Are My Drug of Choice!

It never fails! At least once a month when my wife and I are out-and-about, someone will comment on my physique. Not a positive comment, but something like, "Hey man, lay off those steroids!" I also get, "You know that stuff you take will kill you early!" Another one is, "What's the point of lifting and taking all that crap, you know it's bad for you." I've heard it all. I use to take it as a compliment when I was younger, because I looked big and it made me feel good that people assumed I had to cheat in order to look a certain way. Today, it is annoying! Macros have been and always will be my drug of choice! What do I mean when I say, "...macros are my drug of choice?" It's simple. What I

A Different Kind Of Strength

A wise person once told me, "When the good Lord put you on this earth, he didn't promise you that life would be fair," but I could never imagine how unfair life could be until I lost my husband. One minute Mike and I were discussing what we were going to do the next day, and the next minute I was facing a doctor who was telling me that Mike was in a coma and was not going to live. I had suffered from Major Depressive Disorder for most of my life but with medication, I was able to control my symptoms. However, Mike's death sent me into a dark spiral that I couldn't imagine ever returning from. I signed up for grief counseling and saw a therapist, but still I contemplated suicide just to be wi

Your Workout Should Match Your Goals!

My workouts consist of what I think will give me the best/most efficient exercises for my time and goals. It’s about finding movements best suited for your goals and doing research or seeking advice on how to properly execute them. Some of the workouts you see while scrolling on social media from your favorite Instagram model, might not be the best workout for you. I’m not saying don’t try new movements, because you always want to change up your routine, just make sure what you’re doing isn’t wasting your time because it WILL discourage you if you don’t start seeing results. If your goal is to build lean muscle tissue than you need to lift heavier weights with less reps. If your goal is to t

Comfort Zones Are Dream Killers

Our comfort zone serves a purpose - keeps us feeling safe and secure. The issue with that for many of us is that we are pretty guarded with it; meaning we tend not to step outside those “walls." While you hide behind those “walls”, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow! We grow and improve by overcoming challenges, life difficulties and trying new things. You cannot do that in your comfort zone because that is essentially your “safe place”. That’s where you feel secure and stick to your current ways; and this is the sole reason why comfort zones kill dreams. While you think you’re doing yourself a service by staying there, but you’re letting opportunities of change pass you by and stu

I Was Born To Be A Personal Trainer!

One day I was training a client (what's new), but not just any client. This client was someone who I considered a mentor to me. I mean, this guy had 2 PhD's; working on his third book, and was an important figure for the Michigan Department of Education. Anyway, while training him, we got into a conversation about life. I know, that sounds extremely general. Specifically we were talking about work. He told me there are 3 different types of "work: 1. JOB: A job is something that you wake up everyday for. It's something that you probably aren't happy doing, but you're able to put clothes on your back, food on your table, and a roof over yours and your family's head. You find a way to make ends

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