Your Hormonal In-Balance Could Be Impacting Your Weight!

That's right. You think you had it all figured out. You just started working out; you're getting more sleep; eating a little better, then BAM! Nothing seems to be changing. Although the scale is not a determination on how healthy you are, I as a trainer know my clients and people for that matter will get on the scale to see if anything changed. If one of your goals is to lose weight, then this could be extremely frustrating. From my experience with personal training for over 20 years, some people may even quit their fitness program, because they feel that nothing is working. Have you ever wondered how your hormones are doing? WebMD defines hormones as substances produced by your endocrine g

Getting Back On Track After A Vacation

It's probably one of the hardest things to do. Let me rephrase, it CAN be one of the hardest things to do when you don't set a plan. Vacation is a time of rest and relaxation; enjoying time with family and friends, and just trying to shutdown for a time period until you get back to reality! I love vacation. Although it's hard for me to completely shutdown, sitting pool side with an adult beverage in my hand with a little "Earth, Wind & Fire" playing in the background is my type of relaxation. Eventually we need to get back to the real world. Specifically back to eating right and exercising. Let's keep it real, those of us who go on vacation and are already on a consistent health/fitness prog

How To Work Your Way Out Of A Plateau

Oh!! Dare he say?!? The infamous "Plateau" word. One of the scariest words in the English language (my blog my opinion). Webster Dictionary defines a plateau as "A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress." Who would want that? I mean, all of your hard work; body is changing; you're eating right, then BAM!! Little to no progress? When plateau's develop we as humans are more apt to quit, and try to find easier, quicker ways to achieve said goals. Better yet we go to the nearest Red Robin Restaurant and gorge on the Royal Burger (the egg is the game changer. Again, my blog my opinion). Seriously though, what do we do? What do we do when you are progressing nicely

Best Workouts To Help Curb Depression

Depression is real and no joke! Most of us have suffered from some forms of it in the past, present, and also currently. There has been, and still are, many ways to help combat this condition. Some people get it treated with medicine (seeing a doctor MD); talking with a therapist (PhD), and/or some changes in their lifestyle. Luckily for all those who are reading, I am neither an MD nor PhD (but I can wrap an ankle sprain faster than you can say "PETE!"). My expertise lies in the field of health and fitness. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I have seen the effects exercise has with those who have been diagnosed with depression. Now, does exercise fix depression for someone completely? Probab

The 6 WORST Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

A bathing suit you're trying to fit in for vacation; reducing joint pain; getting ready for an event; become more healthy; your doctor told you too; to feel/look better, or to win a contest. These are some of the many reasons people want to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of us try to go for the "quick fix" instead of a more healthy way. We have become impatient! What's my point? There are right an wrong ways to lose weight. The right ways will usually lead to maintaining the weight you loss and keeping it off. The wrong way almost always leads to the weight creeping back on you, and even gaining more! Here are some of the WORST ways to lose 10 pounds: 1. Obsessing Over The Scale- The scale

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