Invest In Your Health Like You Invest In Your Home

I consider this blog more of a "Come to Jesus" moment. My clients are very familiar with these types of moments. I would define them as, "A moment where the truth is going to come full force, whether you like it or not." The title of this blog is simple, yet intense. Why do we not consider health important? Do we seriously feel that nothing will ever hurt us? Do we feel that our bodies aren't affected when we don't eat right or exercise? In the 20+ years of me being a personal trainer, I could never wrap my head around that. A lot of us come in with the right intentions, meaning we want to feel better, we want to look better, we want to be healthier, but sometimes the "Investment" in their

Functional Fitness-It's About Training For Life, Not For Life Events!

Those reading this blog have, at some point, prepared for something in their lives. Whether it be for a test in school by going over notes your professor gave you; preparing to make the perfect meal by getting the ingredients needed to make it; preparing yourself for an interview for a job by going over possible questions the interviewer may ask, or even setting a fitness goal by writing out the steps to take in order to "win" that goal. Whether it's some of these I've named, or none at all; at some point we used the action of preparation for something in our lives. What happens when the test is finished? What happens when the meal is created and your family ate it? What happens when the int

5 Things You Should Be Teaching Your Children About Nutrition

WOW! I can remember when I was a young child (10 years old or so), I couldn't wait to eat those fried bologna sandwiches my mom would make as a quick snack for me and my siblings. The way that bologna curled up as it got hot. The way the fat would pop outside of the skillet and on to my chest (man, that hurt). My brother and I would grab 4 pieces of bread each; soak each slice with mustard; throw a couple of slices of cheese on them and presto, we had the child version of a gourmet meal. We would never forget to wash it down with some good old root beer. That really hit the spot. We did not care one bit about health and nutrition. What was nutrition to us? Nutrition was eating whatever we wa

Seriously, Stop Being Silly! Water is EVERYTHING!

Please, before I move forward with this blog, answer one question for me. Why is it so damn hard for people to drink water? Let me clarify, I don't mean that the content within the glass (water) is heavy, or uncomfortable to hold. I mean people physically will not drink it! I have had clients tell me, "I haven't been thirsty all weekend, so I didn't have any water." I've also had people say, "I had coffee, tea and orange juice, isn't that the same?" The best out of all of them is, "I pee way to much to drink water, so I choose not too." I cannot stress enough the importance of water. There is a debate about it, but the body is made up of between 65-73% water! Let that sink in...I'll wait. On

No Matter If You Push, Pull, or Press...Just Lift Dammit!

To me, this is not a debate, but before I dive into the reasoning weight training is the most important aspect in actually changing your body make-up physically, let's identify what weight training really is. defines weight training as, "Physical training that involves lifting weights." Simple right? Yes, the definition is simple, but it is much more important and complex than that. Weight training is actually changes fat cells into lean muscle fibers. So what? Well, I'll tell you; when you lift weights and build muscle it will, after time, change your body composition. When your body composition changes (into creating more lean muscle tissue) your metabolism increases. I

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